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Hey everyone,

when we started this new blog we promised to make more frequent updates. You see how that worked out. Well, times were kind of stressful, we had to finish that Gamescom demo, we had to be at Gamescom, we showed our game in Berlin and then we had to catch up with all the work we didn’t get to do while doing all that other work instead.

So what’s the state of the project right now? Tristan is busy making music mockups and Marcus and Alasdair are still working on dialog and puzzles. At the same time, the game is getting implemented more and more and it is fun to see Harper walking around our scenes in Unity. There’s still a lot of work in implementing the puzzles and all the scripted cutscenes of the game.

Matze is still creating background art for the game, he’s currently working on art for chapter 3. Here are two scenes he created for chapter 2 (click to enlarge) which takes place in the big national park Graystone Woods:

Unforeseen Incidents ScreenshotUnforeseen Incidents Screenshot

We’d also like to point at a Kickstarter campaign for the annual adventure conference AdventureX – a small convention about narrative games taking place in London. We visited AdventureX for the first time last year and can really recommend it to all fans of story-driven games. After two days on Kickstarter, AdventureX already achieved its goal of 2.500 £. They added a lot of stretch goals and are currently very close to making a documentary film happening! So go over there and spend some monetary units. They are well-invested.

AdventureX Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/2c9asmW

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