Release Update

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If you read this you probably already know a little bit about our game and that we were hoping to release it on February 1st this year. Making games can be hard and a lot of work. Even if always aiming to stay optimistic and positive we as well have to look straight into the sometimes ugly face of reality. This reality is that February 1 is only three weeks away, and we’re not completely satisfied with the state the game currently is in. In the last weeks and months, we’ve worked very hard to create the best experience with the time we had. It took us sleepless nights and days and weeks full of commitment to bring us where we are now, but we want to release a game that’s as technically stable and polished as possible, and it’s not quite there yet.

We’ve decided to extend the beta phase one more time and would like to apologize to everyone waiting for the game. The good thing is that this will allow us to bring you a much better and more polished game. While our programmers are busy fixing bugs, we’re bringing our artist Matt back on the project to create several additional graphics and animations for a richer overall experience. So this delay is not completely bad news!

We aren’t going to announce a new date until we’re sure we will really be done that day. We will soon be ready to hand out press copies (press inquiries here), and we’ll be ready for launch sometime this spring.

You can wishlist Unforeseen Incidents on Steam today and you’ll receive a notification when the game is released.

Sorry for the delay. We hope we explained it well.

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